About Us

About Gelair™

Gelair’s small team of dedicated professionals are constantly working to provide innovative solutions to improve the quality and health of our indoor environment.

Gelair™ was established on a tea tree plantation in northern New South Wales in 1998. After gaining an understanding of tea tree’s health benefits, the proprietors developed a unique biodegradable gel containing tea tree oil for placement in air conditioning units. When an air conditioning unit operates normally, the gel vaporises releasing the tea tree oil to treat the air and improve its quality.

Since incorporation in Western Australia in 2008, Gelair’s business has grown to export safe and highly effective products to over thirty nations across five continents. Our product range has expanded to provide delivery options for treatment of all types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in addition to sterilising and cleaning options for indoor environments.

About Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil is a natural essential oil distilled from plantations of Melaleuca alternifolia. The therapeutic properties of Melaleuca alternifolia have been recognized by Australia’s indigenous people. As a natural antiseptic Australian Tea Tree Oil has demonstrated antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral capabilities which Gelair™ uses to combat and prevent a range of mold, bacteria, virus and fungus types. Australian Tea Tree Oil has proven efficacy in the control of Golden Staph (Staphylococcus aureus) for both Methicillin (MRSA) and Vancomycin (VRSA) resistant strains.

The safety and efficacy of Tea Tree Oil has been widely studied.

Gelair™ uses Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil as an active ingredient in all formulations to great effect.

About the Australian Tea Tree Industry

Gelair™ is proudly linked with the Australian Tea Tree industry through our membership (non-producer status) of the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association (ATTIA)*. Our industry collaboration provides Gelair™ access to a skilled and experienced network of industry leaders and professionals in related agricultural, commercial, occupational health, regulatory, scientific and academic research sectors. Gelair™ strictly adheres to the ATTIA Code of Practice to provide consumers independent assurance only the highest quality tea tree oil is being used in our product.

* ATTIA Ltd is an Australian-based, not-for-profit organization formed in 1986 as the peak body to promote and represent the interests of the Australian tea tree industry. From the grower/producers to the manufacturers of off-the-shelf products for public use, ATTIA supports the responsible use of Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil. ATTIA’s aim is to develop a stable, cohesive, environmentally friendly, and internationally competitive tea tree oil industry producing quality assured tea tree oil that meets or exceeds international standards.

Australian Tea Tree Industry